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Made by Zen Luxury Reed Diffuser  - BLACK

Made by Zen Luxury Reed Diffuser - BLACK


This ultimate best-selling fragrance is magnetically attractive, gentle and absolutely irresistible. The freshness of mint, lavender and neroli blended with subtle spice, cedar and warm vanilla. A truly encapsulating scent. 

Our Signature collection of luxury Reed Diffusers contain expertly blended fragrances, designed to awaken and captivate your senses. Fill the air with beautiful, long-lasting fragrance that you keep smelling all day. The frosted glass vessel with black reeds adds a touch of simple sophistication to your interior. 

Carefully insert the reeds into the glass bottle. Leave to absorb the rich fragrance oil blend for a few hours then invert the reeds to release the scent.


The long-lasting scents will start to fill the air. Remember to invert the reeds periodically for continuous fragrancing. 


Vegan and cruelty free. 


200ml. The oil will last 6-8 weeks.


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